USB 4.0 standard comes at the end of 2020

If the 20Gbps data transfer rates that we reach with USB 3.2 are insufficient, wait for the USB 4.0 standard. Intel’s contribution to the USB 4.0 standard can reach speeds of 40Gbps.

The USB 4.0 standard, defined by the USB Promoter Group in the past weeks, is set to be released in late 2020. At Computex 2019, the Group made a statement about this.

Intel is the cornerstone of the new standard announced as USB 4.0. The chip giant, which has partnered with the USB Alliance, introduced its Thunderbolt protocol. So the USB 4.0 standard is actually based on Thunderbolt 3 technology.

USB 4 is coming at the end of 2020

Intel has recently announced that they are working to find a more widespread use of Thunderbolt. Normally there is a license fee for Thunderbolt 3, which made the technology very expensive.

With USB 4.0, Thunderbolt 3 technology can now be deployed without a license fee. With the completion of the specifications, manufacturers will be able to use the USB 4.0 standard in their products. The USB 4.0 standard will be available via USB Type-C with compatible cables.

2021 was the earliest date for USB 4.0, but the USB Alliance says we will see the first products by the end of 2020. The testing process is already in progress with producer partners. Intel processors and motherboards are the first to be released.

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