Samsung Galaxy S10 Viewed While Working (Video)

Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S10 +, has been recorded in video while running screen saver trials.

Mobile Fun, where you can find a variety of screensavers and covers for almost all Samsung flagships, has released a little bit of a disappointing video on YouTube.

The video allows us to see Samsung’s new premium flagship, the Galaxy S10 +. Apparently, Samsung has managed to dramatically refine screen frames and deliver a 90% display / body ratio.

As you know, the Galaxy S10 family will come with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. Your finger has to be directly touched on the screen to scan your finger correctly and confirm your identity.

As seen in the video, screen protectors prevent the fingerprint scanner from validating your fingerprints. For this reason, the area where the fingerprint scanner is located in the Galaxy S10 screensavers is left blank with a large hole.

To be honest, the screen-embedded fingerprint scanner is much easier to use than the physical fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. But the fact that the screen film is not a ’full screen’ brings with it some problems.

Firstly, the hole in the screen protectors causes a small portion of the screen to remain unprotected. Moreover, damage to this area may not only result in the screen breaking, but also the fingerprint scanner malfunction.

Another disadvantage of the perforated screen saver is that it affects the design seriously. Although the protectors are made of the finest material possible, they have a certain thickness. The light reflected from the screen is reflected on the edges of the hole in the glass film and therefore a bad image appears.

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