Galaxy Note 10 may have DepthVision Lens technology

The South Korean technology giant Samsung will introduce its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 10 series on August 7. The flagship phone might come with DepthVision lens technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is about a month away. The eagerly awaited flagship will be officially introduced at the event on August 7th. Every day new information comes in on what features the smartphone will have. This time, some details about the camera features were revealed.

The South Korean company’s trademark “DepthVision Lens” technology has sparked new speculation. Galaxy Note 10 will be said to have this technology. DepthVision Lens, as the name suggests, is a camera-related technology.

At the moment there is not much detail on the subject. However, the new technology seems to work with the ToF sensor, which is expected to take place in the Galaxy Note 10. For now, what we know is limited. We will learn all details about the Galaxy Note 10 series at the introductory event next month.

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