Concept Designer Ben Geskin Creates iPhone 11 (Video)

Concept designer Ben Geskin made the iPhone 11 clone with his own designs.

As one of the major companies in the smartphone market, Apple has added many innovations to the smartphone world and led the market in different ways. The latest change in the smartphone market has been to include the notch design on growing screen sizes. As such, every new generation of the company will be eagerly awaited in the technology world.

The company’s innovation in the market has inspired independent designers, and many designers have created their own designs for the next generation of iPhones. One such designer is Ben Geskin. Geskin had previously designed the concept for the iPhone 11, but this time he turned it into a clone phone and shared a video from his official Instagram account.

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First Hands-on Look at 2019 #iPhone11 Clone

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The first eye-catching detail in Geskin’s clone iPhone 11 is the set of three cameras and a flash camera on the back of the device. The designer did not miss the latest iPhone trends in design and chose not to put a 3.5 mm jack in the phone. Another remarkable detail in the video, is the large notch design, which shows that the clone design is based on the iPhone X series.

What do you think of Ben Geskin’s iPhone 11 designs, including three different color options? Do you think Apple will use the protruding camera placement option on the camera set?

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