3 Reasons Why Bitcoin has Increased to $ 9K

Bitcoin, which attracts attention with its recent price, is climbing to the level of 9 thousand dollars. According to experts, there are 3 important reasons for this situation.

This weekend, Bitcoin prices saw a significant increase and managed to exceed $ 9,000. There are, of course, various reasons for this. As a result, markets do not move up and down.

According to experts, there are three main reasons behind this exit. Let’s list these reasons without further ado.

1. Facebook ve GlobalCoin

The social media giant will announce its own money, GlobalCoin. The project has already received the support of many companies. Apart from these companies, names such as Barry Sibert, founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, support the project. Spencer Bogart, the general partner of Blockchain Capital, said that Facebook considers this move as the most important bullish movement in the recent period. Bogart says this system will ease the difficulties in digital trading.

2. Binance.com Blocked US Users

Binance.com is a site that everyone who is interested in crypto currency must be heard. This site also has the largest crypto currency trading volume. According to the user agreement of the site, which was updated on June 14, US investors will no longer be able to use the site.

This led to a sharp sale in Binance’s assets, the Binance Coin (BNB). Investors moved away from Binance and probably transferred their assets held in BNB to Bitcoin.

3. Litecoin to Reach the Half-Point

Crypto money mining is a very simple term to keep the accounting of the latest transactions and aims to be the first to solve various algorithms. Miners earn in this way.

The gain of mining is not always the same. The income that can be obtained from crypto money mining decreases over time. If you mine 100 units of ApkCrate Coins (APC) in the beginning, this is constantly reduced by half. After the first half, you start to earn 50 APC, and after the second half you get 25 APC. Almost all the number of crypto coins is certain, the source will dry after a certain point.

Litecoin is now approaching half-life. This leads to an upward movement in the crypto currency market in general. The price will move upwards as the rarity (and supply) of the assets, which are now more difficult to obtain. Litecoin will be split in 49 days.

Bitcoin is likely to make self-regulation movements in the future. These arrangements are expected to last very short even if they happen. Bitcoin, which has seen the most intense and strong purchasing pressure since December, is in a serious upward position. Short-term profit sales may temporarily lower the Bitcoin price.

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